Privacy policy regarding the use of high-risk permissions or sensitive data

The app uses some features of the Android platform that need prior user authorization before they can run. Capturing geocoordinates, capturing photos, and capturing audio are examples that illustrate this scenario.
However, there is a specific permission requested from the user that is not reflected in an explicit functionality, as shown below:
This permission is requested from the user only so that the application can capture the device identifier. This identifier is used for internal control of data synchronisms between the application and server. This identifier is not used for any other purpose and is solely and exclusively stored on the platform. takes your privacy seriously, so we are committed to preserving it.
Our policy is to ensure that none of the user information will be provided, published or marketed under any circumstances. does not rent, sell, and share personal information with other people or companies.
All personal data reported to our site is stored in a reserved database and with restricted access to certain authorized employees who are obliged to keep the information confidential and not to use it inappropriately.
Ensuring your privacy is more of an commitment to you!